About this blog.

Why a class blog?

I started this class blog two years ago (it has now been 8 years, time passes fast) for my junior and senior IB students.  Using the blog format allows me to save time and update everyone on class activities more often.  It also allows students to be involved in the process through online critiques and guest posts.

Blogs are now a common feature of the internet and allow the reader a more interactive experience through the option to comment on a post.  In this way the writer also gets instant feedback.

But is it safe?

This is a public blog and anyone can access it.  In fact it is visited by individuals from all over the world.  This screenshot of our visitor map is from 2 weeks (September 28 - October 10).

I have certain rules regarding safety.  No last names are ever posted.  We try to avoid students faces in any pictures posted of the classroom.  Students are given specific instructions when they post or comment not to give out any last names, locations, or other identifying information.  In addition to this, I receive an email every time a comment is left on the blog.  If the comment is questionable in any way, I delete it.  I take internet safety and privacy very important and try to use this to teach students.

Comments are welcome!
All parents, students and visitors are welcome to comment on any post.  Please keep your comments appropriate and on topic.

If you are not familiar with how to comment:
At the bottom of each post you will see the following.
 Click on the word Comments.  It will take you to a new page.
Type your comment in the box.  Type the word verification.  If you are student you must use the Name/URL option and just use your first name.  Parents and visitors can use any option they are comfortable with.  Click on Publish Your Comment and you are now a participant in our online learning experience.

If you have any questions for me or need to speak with me about an individual matter, please email me.  You can find my email through the Haines City IB link.

Thank you.