15 May 2009

Guest Post - Krystal

Juan Geuer

Al Asnaam, 1979

Juan Geuer is a Canadian installation artist that combines the sciences and the arts to create what he described as "something nobody else has done". The piece above exemplifies the connection Geuer found between the sciences and the arts. Al Asnaam is made up of a laser and a seismometer, and a lot of other electrical engineering materials and concepts. What it does is it projects, through the lasers, the minute pulsing and tremors of the planet. In the dark room, the red laser is constantly changing shape to fit the movements of the earth, making the artwork seem alive.
In Geuer’s work engineering and art is often used to show the unity between nature, science and the beauty of the world, which can be explored here and here. The complexity of science and art are interrelated in his work, and he often describes his work as an extension to the sciences. His official website is here, and commentary on his work can be found here.

11 May 2009

Guest Post - Sam

Olafur Eliasson: Geometrical Spatial Installation Art

“The Weather Project”

Olafur Eliasson’s installation artworks deal with the concept of using geometrical figures in combination with space which then creates an over whelming atmosphere. His pieces tend to have a repetition of rectangle or square figures with a combination of another offset figure such as a circle (oval) or triangle in order to create contrast between the forms. His use of repeating like-geometrical figures creates rhythm within the work and his use of color scheme whether monothematic scheme or multiple variations creates unity within his pieces and allows his works to flow rather than static like an ordinary geometric figure.
These are some more work of his where he uses space within geometric figure: here and here
Here is a direct link to his website here