31 March 2009

Visual and Musical Game

You have got to try this out.


Steven Bogart

Gamma by Steven Bogart

Check out more of his work and the interview with him on myartspace>blog. Its a great interview in which he talks about his artistic influences and the meanings behind his work.

20 March 2009

Work in Progress Critique

Please comment on Monica's March artwork. This is still a work in progress as the two pieces have not been permanently attached yet. Hopefully Monica will comment and let us know what this piece is about.

17 March 2009

Extra Credit Opportunity

This weekend is the Central Park Art Show in downtown Winter Haven. It is right downtown across from the library and is open 10-4. If you go, interview an artist, get a card and do a one page write up (in your IWB) of your interview. Be specific. Think about what type of questions you would ask a working artist. Look for someone who is doing something interesting or is working in a media you like. Be polite and introduce yourself as an art student at Haines City IB (remember you are representing the school and me, be good). Most people will be happy to talk to you if their booth is empty but if not just find someone else. I should be there on Saturday.

08 March 2009

Using your Journal

Advice from blogger Evan Wilson:

"Everyone is creative. People don’t tend to organize and focus that abstract creativity. Always have a little notebook with you! Anything you think that you like, or believe could be expanded upon should be written down. Don’t worry about production. This is your place to scribble and be chaotic! When you want to take the idea to the next level, you can even plan that next phase of your idea in the journal. Alternatively, you can execute these ideas in other formats or mediums. For example, if you have an image in your mind, draw a thumbnail. You can turn that into a painting or photo later. That is when you can worry about details, composition, and quality control..."
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The Purpose of Critique

Wendy Edsall-Kerwin, a jewelry and metal artist, writes about critique in art:

These days it seems that all people will tell you about your work is “I love it” or “I hate it.” But why? What makes you love or hate it? How could it be made better? What strengths and weaknesses does it have? There is a lot of mediocrity out there. Sometimes what we need to hear is a little constructive criticism to knock us out of our safe place. Without risk there can be no gain. Sure you might make a mistake, but that’s how you learn. We need to step outside the realm of black & white. It’s within the shades of gray that we learn to challenge ourselves and to see things from different perspectives.
She writes about her experience with critique in art school and is looking for feedback on her work. Click here to read the full blog post.

What are your thoughts?

01 March 2009

Pictures from the Congo

Check out this article and collection of images. This is an amazing example of how art (in this case photography) can be used to tell a story.

Test your ability to recognize fonts.

Font Game

I scored 110123, can you beat my score?