21 November 2014

Visual and Musical Game

I posted about this game the very first year I started this blog.  I'm happy to say it still exists.  It is beautiful visually and has music too.  Its a puzzle game but not too hard to figure out.  Check it out.

06 November 2014

Mixed Media Bicycle Drawings in Pre IB Art 1

I love to get the students mixing medias when they work.  This assignment is similar to one I do with my AP students but instead of bottle we drew the bicycle.  Students started out by making a viewfinder to help them find a strong composition.  Then they drew three contour line drawings of different parts of the bicycle.  They picked their best one and developed it into a finished mixed media piece using tempera paint and pastels.









Self Portraits in AP Art

The AP class just finished their self portraits.  Students choose the media they wanted to work in.

Christina worked in pastel.

Chris worked with pencil and paint.

Daisy worked with charcoal and collage.

Gilberto worked in pencil.

Keyshla worked with ink and watercolor.

Mariah worked with paint.

Marianna worked in charcoal and paint.

Mariela worked with watercolor and pastel.

Omkar worked with digital photos, photoshop and pastels.

Shadae worked with a digital photo and pastels.