03 March 2010

Student artwork critique - Bryan

Bryan - Envy

My first piece for this investigation was envy from the seven deadly sins. Right away, I felt the color green showed an accurate representation of what envy is as a feeling. The media I used included gloss gel to create texture, a mixture of gloss medium and acrylic paints to make a bold and thick paint, and gum wrappers to create eyes which i felt are commonly linked to envy. The gold paint splattered across the piece represents gold, which is a material that can be what is being envied. It is not quite completely gold, but more of a copperish tinted color because it comes to show one is blinded by envy because it is like an addiction.

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02 March 2010

Student artwork critique - Alexis

Alexis - Golden Ideal

I decided to focus on the idea of honor in the eastern civilizations, namely Southeast Asia. The red is used to symbolize luck, a concept from this region. The kanji says "justice and honor," which is emphasized with the picture of the samurai.

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Student artwork critique - Jennifer

Jennifer - Patterns in Clothes

This is the first piece in my investigation on the patterns in life. Now that is it is complete I have come to the conclusion that it is lacking in many seperate elements. The craftsmanship is far below my usual standards and the actual meaning behind the piece is rather simple. It was supposed to represent the patterns in the clothes and the culture represented by them but that did not come through in the actual piece. The best part was the buttons and how they stood out from the rest of the piece and unified it.

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Student artwork critique - Morgan

Morgan - Round Like a Record

This piece portrays the 1980's and its inpact on youth. The record shape represents the new technology of the era; techno and synthesized music became prominent. In the background, the polka dots beneath the newspaper clearly show the bubble gum "pop" concentration. The layer of newspaper and use of mere comics and puzzles shows how the youth tried to break away from the political distress of the time by exploring foreign concepts such as time travel, space exploration, and other sci-fi ideals. The silver watercolor also portrays the technology that creates a silver sheen on society, and the fears of computer take-over. I am pleased with my craftmanship, but the composition, while made of many layers, lacks a concrete subject matter.

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Student artwork critique - Shimul

Shimul - The Goose and the Golden Eggs

The inspiration for this piece is the classic Aesop fable, The Goose and the Golden Eggs. Because my investigation is based on fairytales and stories, I read this fable then attempted to create my own interpretation of it. The story tells of a goose that produces eggs of solid gold. The farmer and his wife that own the goose become overcome with greed and believe that, if they cut the goose open, they will get more gold. However, when they killed the goose, they found out that there was nothing within the goose but what would be in an ordinary goose. To depict the greed of the farmer and his wife, I used a stark, blood red coming from the heart of the goose. The red is contrasted by the primarily cool colors surrounding the rest of the piece. Also, I used gold liquid metal to show the gold in the story. To make my piece have a storybook feel, I used ink upon a parchement-like color and tried to use intricate lines.

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