30 April 2011

Two Online Doodle Applications

Try these for fun:

Flame Painter - neat looking both with the black background and the white

Fluid Painter - looks like when you drop ink on the surface of water then drag a stick through it

29 April 2011

Jay Ryan - Trouble Exhibit

Here are a few pictures from artist Jay Ryan's latest exhibit at Rotofugi.
Cinders and Ash
This show is understood best when you learn that the artist is a new father and the recent natural disasters inspired him to create these works that depict the danger but also the desire to protect his new daughter.  All the works for this show were created in the first four months of this year.

Falling #6

24 April 2011

The IB Art Exam is over!

Last week 24 students completed their IB Art course with a 30 minute interview with a visiting examiner.  All students did an amazing job describing their own artistic process and the work they created over two years in their independent investigation.  They shared their personal ideas that inspired their artwork, the experiments in media and ways of working, and artists they had researched.  I am so proud of the work they accomplished.

Several students during their interviews spoke of books they had read in English or Literary Society as influence for their artwork.  Some also talked about how TOK had helped to give depth to their ideas.  Two students referred to their extended essay and how it related to their independent investigation.  These students demonstrated perfectly how no subject stands alone and for them art formed a bridge in their understanding of other subjects.

While completing the IB Art course was a lot of work, it comes closest to how actual artists work and think.  These students have learned how to work independently, think critically, analyze ideas both their own and others', and take an idea from first thought through experimentation and research to a completed product.  I think these skills are important in life.  What do you think?

50 things every graphic design student should know

Check out this blog post by designer Jaime Wieck.

Some of these are geared toward design student but others are more universal and can apply to anyone.

My favorites:

2. There is always someone better.

Regardless of how good you are, there will always be someone better. It’s surprisingly easy to waste time worrying about this. #the50

5. Starting anything requires energy.

It takes more energy to start than it does to stop. This is true for physics, your career, and that idea you need to work on. #the50

9. Curate your work.

Never stop editing your portfolio. Three strong pieces are better than ten weak ones – nobody looks for quantity, just quality. #the50

20. Ask questions.

Assume nothing. Ask questions, even if you think you know the answers. You’ll be surprised at how little you know. #the50

22. Seek criticism, not praise.

You learn nothing by being told how great you are. Even if you think your work’s perfect – seek criticism, you can always ignore it. #the50

34. Embrace limitations.

Limitations are invaluable for creating successful work: they give you something to push against. From this tension comes brilliance. #the50

43. Pick your battles.

The creative industry is often infuriating, but not every argument is an argument that needs to be had. This takes time to learn. #the50

49. Awards are nice, but not vital.

Awards look good on the shelf, but clients seldom pick up the phone because of them. Solid work encourages that. #the50

20 April 2011

IB Exam Feedback

All IB Seniors

After your exam please click on this link and take the survey.  Please be honest with your answers, they are only used to help me prepare future classes.  You will not be judged by your answers.

This survey is for IB Seniors only.  Thank you.


18 April 2011

Senior Art Show 2011

We set up the senior show today.  24 IB seniors took over the 9th grade media center and somehow managed to pull it all together.  Thanks go to Ms. Noel's first hour class for transporting the giant foam core and my first hour Art 1 class for helping carry artwork.  If you can't see the video, here's the link

If you couldn't come to the opening here's what you missed.
I baked!

15 April 2011

Sculptural Books

Pre IB Art 1 students are getting ready to start their sculptural books.  Here is the presentation I shared in class with example pictures.
View more presentations from Michelle Debello.

As we learn about different mixed media techniques in class make sure to be working on your planning for your book.  You may use the many books I have in class for information (they are located on the front table).

04 April 2011


For a quick way to get more breadth pieces done for AP I had my students create ATC size artworks over spring break.