24 April 2011

The IB Art Exam is over!

Last week 24 students completed their IB Art course with a 30 minute interview with a visiting examiner.  All students did an amazing job describing their own artistic process and the work they created over two years in their independent investigation.  They shared their personal ideas that inspired their artwork, the experiments in media and ways of working, and artists they had researched.  I am so proud of the work they accomplished.

Several students during their interviews spoke of books they had read in English or Literary Society as influence for their artwork.  Some also talked about how TOK had helped to give depth to their ideas.  Two students referred to their extended essay and how it related to their independent investigation.  These students demonstrated perfectly how no subject stands alone and for them art formed a bridge in their understanding of other subjects.

While completing the IB Art course was a lot of work, it comes closest to how actual artists work and think.  These students have learned how to work independently, think critically, analyze ideas both their own and others', and take an idea from first thought through experimentation and research to a completed product.  I think these skills are important in life.  What do you think?

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