24 October 2009

Anu Tuominen

Check out the work by Anu Tuominen. I just love this picture of the used erasers. When everyday objects used to create art it reminds me of the very visual and very beautiful world we live in. via Poppytalk

Image Transfers

I know many of you like to use image transfers in your work. I came across this blog this weekend that shows how you can do image transfers with inkjet images.

Image transfer onto wood - via matsutake

She uses Modpodge for the transfer process but this would work with gloss medium as well.

13 October 2009

Source for textures

The Texture Vault is a source for royalty free textures and backgrounds. Great for those that need cool collage papers. Royalty free means that you can get these artist created backgrounds for free and use them in your work without paying a fee. These are still copyrighted works so they may be used in the same way that we use other published works (documenting the source and as part of a larger work of art).

Check out these from an artist I follow on Twitter.

What are your thoughts on using others' art in your work?