23 October 2013

New IB Junior and Senior artwork

IB Juniors

We started the year with an activity I learned at an AP workshop one summer.  Students draw a line portrait of themselves.  Then artwork is then passed around, each student has one type of media that they can add to the picture.

Here are some of the results:

Our second assignment was to paint a mechanical object.
I brought in my camera collection.
I like film cameras.

Some students brought in their own objects. 

I own one of these too.



IB Seniors

The IB seniors are furiously working on their individual investigations.



21 October 2013

Some artwork from first quarter.

The first quarter has flown by.  Check out some of the great artwork done so far this year.

Pre IB Art 1 students created line and pattern designs around their names.









Pre IB Art 2 students created their first sculpture pieces using foam board and cardboard.  These pieces were held together with only notches and a small amount of white glue.



Logan M.


Logan A.



In AP Art students have been exploring new medias.  First they focused on something they were familiar with, ink, using lines and patterns to create interesting compositions.  Then they experimented with Nevr Dull car polish and magazine images to create landscapes.








Watch for my next post that will include IB Junior and Senior work...

13 July 2013

Looking for artists to research?

Have you tried Pinterest?  It has now become my go to site for looking for artists and artwork, even more than Google.

If you are looking for artist ideas you could follow my "art" board or bookmark it for later.
M DeBello's Art Board

You can also follow my "for students" board, that's where I pin things that remind me of ways that some students work.
M DeBello's For Students Board

It was an amazing year reflected in awesome scores for IB Art!

This year we got our first 7 in IB Art!  I was happy but not completely surprised.  The IB art rubric rewards a student's hard work in developing a personally relevant portfolio of strong artwork supported by research and planning.  Along with that top score we also received two 6s and several 5s.  I am proud of all the students and scores like these really validate all their work.  I am so lucky to be teaching IB Art!

24 June 2013

If you are wondering about AP scores...

So I've heard that the portfolios have been arriving, if you remember I said that there would not be a score inside.  Scores come out at 5am July 8th.  Sign on to the following website:

AP Scores

You will need your username and password that you used to sign in and upload your artwork.  You will also need your AP number.  This is why I told you to write this information down somewhere safe.  I don't have your usernames anymore but I do have your AP numbers.  Teachers are not able to sign in until the 10th so you all will know before me.  Remember that no matter what your score is, if you worked to the best of your ability and gained knowledge and skill then it was a year well spent and I am proud of you!

Have a good rest of your summer.  I'll be planning out our junior year in IB Art.

06 June 2013

All clean

The classroom sure looks empty when it's all clean.

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29 May 2013

Pre IB Art 1 Self Portraits

We had some amazing self portraits this year.  Students worked from a photograph and used the grid method.  Each student did the math and determined what grid size to do based on the size of their original picture, and the final size picture they wanted.  The size of their artwork and surface they worked on depended on the media they wanted to use.  Being able to choose a media and then the correct surface and size are skills they will use in their future art classes when they are working on their independent investigations in IB.
David - cut paper

Logan M - colored pencil

Samantha - pencil

Kacie - soft pastel
Cassidy - pencil

Riane - penicl

Kirshten - soft pastel

Lauren - marker and colored pencil

Lena - pencil and watercolor

Jason - watercolor

Logan A - charcoal