29 May 2013

Pre IB Art 1 Self Portraits

We had some amazing self portraits this year.  Students worked from a photograph and used the grid method.  Each student did the math and determined what grid size to do based on the size of their original picture, and the final size picture they wanted.  The size of their artwork and surface they worked on depended on the media they wanted to use.  Being able to choose a media and then the correct surface and size are skills they will use in their future art classes when they are working on their independent investigations in IB.
David - cut paper

Logan M - colored pencil

Samantha - pencil

Kacie - soft pastel
Cassidy - pencil

Riane - penicl

Kirshten - soft pastel

Lauren - marker and colored pencil

Lena - pencil and watercolor

Jason - watercolor

Logan A - charcoal

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