29 August 2011

First Week Assignments in AP Art - Mixed Media

Last Friday AP Art students got their sketchbooks and we did a mixed media assignment focusing on text as a design element.

The whole class gathered around the back table filled with gesso, acrylic paint, liquid watercolors, stamps and stencils.  Students had fun playing with the different media, building up layers and creating a composition that spread across two pages in their books.

Here are a few examples from the students' books.

07 August 2011

Video: Type

Type is all around us and so is overlooked by most people.  The average person never thinks about how much thought goes into designing a typeface.

For bonus points:  Watch the video then on the first day of school bring me a card with your name and the answers to the following questions.
1.  What is the difference between a typeface and a font?
2.  What is a serif?
3.  What is your favorite font, and why?

01 August 2011

3 weeks left of summer

Extended Essay students - have you been working?  Some of you have sent me updates and I know at least one person won't really have any work to do on it in the fall.

I've been working on school work.  That picture is a mind map of the first semester of junior year IB art.  I'm loving the program MindNode for making mind maps, its so easy to use.  There is a free version too but sorry PC people its only for Macs.

Make the most of your last weeks of summer.  Take lots of pictures if you go anywhere.  They make great reference pictures for artwork later in the year.

See you in three weeks!