30 September 2011

Extra credit opportunity for IB Juniors and Seniors

Be a guest blogger.


Find an artist.  Choose one or two images by that artist to include in your post.  Analyze the visual qualities of the artist's work.  Consider the function or significance of that artist's work.  Write a short post one or two paragraphs including the pictures and links to your sources or the artist's website.

Choose an artist that is doing something you find interesting and that you would like to share with others.

See me in class about posting it to the blog.

Deadline for this is October 21st.

03 September 2011

Post-it-Note Critique

On Friday in the Art 1 classes we did a post-it-note critique.  Students leave comments for others in response to the prompts I give them.

It's a great critique to do with larger classes because everyone gets to participate, even the quiet students :)

Pre IB Art 1 - Text Design

This is always my first project for the art 1 students.  We focused on lines and shapes creating patterns and using repetition to unify the artwork.












IWB, Media Experimentation, and Reflection

The senior class shows how its done.
All the seniors are continuing their work on their independent investigations.  During class they may be reflecting on their progress in their investigation workbooks.

Before working on their finished piece, students test out and experiment with new art media.

As a result of the nature of the independent investigation students might be working with two dimensional or three dimensional media.

The senior year in IB art is a great time, over the summer the students have found new directions for their investigations and are busy creating inspired work.