03 September 2011

Post-it-Note Critique

On Friday in the Art 1 classes we did a post-it-note critique.  Students leave comments for others in response to the prompts I give them.

It's a great critique to do with larger classes because everyone gets to participate, even the quiet students :)


juli said...

I love this idea! What kind of prompts do you give in order to keep it positive?

m debello said...

As a class we go over what a high level comment sounds like as compared to a low level comment. The prompts I give are usually specific to the issues/design principles we were working on for that assignment but I always include two extra at the end, one for students to comment on their favorite piece and another for students to leave a comment for for a piece they haven't commented on. This ensures that every student's work get comments. Also students sign their name to the post-its so if inappropriate comments are left they can be traced back to the source.

John Lipa said...

Good afternoon, just wondering if you still use this technique to add critiquing into the class or if this idea has evolved more or even to a digital source? I have used this several times in my photography classes to get them to look at each others work and I have also done it as a discussion online so students with similar prompts, they would post a photos then had to comment on each others work.