31 October 2010

Are you working in your IWB?

 Starting next week I will be grading the workbooks for Art 1 and Art 2 for the first time this year and I will be continuing to grade the books of the IB juniors and seniors.  Remember that you must have your book with you everyday.  If I call for your book and if its not in class you will receive a zero.

 If you need ideas for what to do in your book click on the Resource Link on the side bar and download the IWB Assignments document.
 Also on that page Art 1 and Art 2 student will find the rubric for grading their books.  Remember quality over quantity.

Anne-Laure Djaballah

I really love this artist's work.  She only updates her blog once in a while but I love her pieces.
I also like to read her thoughts on her work.  This is what she writes about her current show:

In this series of paintings I was aware of how much I was influenced by my surroundings - my neighborhood, my daily walks to the studio taking narrow back alleys, the view from my window of the Jacques Cartier bridge and la Ronde, and the industrial landscape along the St-Laurence river. I am especially drawn to othe way things change after dark, where a lot gets edited out and only certain details are highlighted with the streetlights or in windows. That's similar to the way I work, where I start out with more information and then edit a lot out.
via a path no wider than a pencil stroke

27 October 2010

IB Year 2 - Pictures Due November 4th

All IB seniors remember that pictures are due on Blackboard November 4th.  One to three pictures are due then.  Everyone signed up for dates during October to use the camera so there shouldn't be a rush the day before.  If you have your pics done already you can go ahead and upload them now.

Look for a new sign up for the month of November sometime next week.

Self Portraits

Check out these self portraits done by the AP students.

This is what I'm talking about when I say to use the whole paper and have a full range of values.

24 October 2010

A change...

I'm making a change to the way I use this blog.  In the past it has been reserved for the juniors and seniors but I am now going to be using it as our main class website.  This will allow me to post updates more frequently and remind you of due dates right here on the blog.  The old class website is still there, but it is just a static website with basic information.  The most important parts I have linked to on the sidebar - the online gallery, the class calendar, and the resource page where you can download some of the documents we use in class.

All students are allowed to make comments on this blog but remember your comments must be relevant, well written and mature.  I will delete anything inappropriate.  If you comment make sure to use your first name only, no last names or identifying information (remember internet safety).