31 October 2010

Anne-Laure Djaballah

I really love this artist's work.  She only updates her blog once in a while but I love her pieces.
I also like to read her thoughts on her work.  This is what she writes about her current show:

In this series of paintings I was aware of how much I was influenced by my surroundings - my neighborhood, my daily walks to the studio taking narrow back alleys, the view from my window of the Jacques Cartier bridge and la Ronde, and the industrial landscape along the St-Laurence river. I am especially drawn to othe way things change after dark, where a lot gets edited out and only certain details are highlighted with the streetlights or in windows. That's similar to the way I work, where I start out with more information and then edit a lot out.
via a path no wider than a pencil stroke

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