31 January 2009

Online Photo Gallery

Pictures of rural and urban decay.

Check out the link above and click on some of the pictures to see the slide shows. There is a sense of beauty in some of these abandoned places.

27 January 2009

Can art be made out of living things?

"Coexistence" by Mineo Mizuno

The artist "starts with large pebble forms that are dotted with holes, then planted with moss. After a precise schedule of shade and mist, the moss develops into an organic glaze. The outer covering remains responsive to the effects of temperature and moisture."

25 January 2009

Online drawing program

You've got to check out this site:


I think I spent an hour playing with it. Above is a screen shot of one of my drawings on there.

21 January 2009

Resource Link

I think this is the link Cecilia was talking about in class today. If you click on the artist tab at the top of the site you can search by subject, medium, and artist. Good for research. Check it out, then bookmark it.

Work in progress

Sam has agreed to share his work in progress for our first critique on the blog.

"The Punks"

Post your comments, remember no last names. Rules for critique on the blog are the same as in class but remember humor does not work as well when written as when spoken.

17 January 2009

Artist: Anish Kapoor

I saw this on Art MOCO.
"Kapoor continues to explore the notion of the void in these bold drawings of gouache on paper, further making the transition from exterior form of the object to its interior. The work is centered and the play between positive and negative space is a key element of the compositions. Movement in the shape of fibrous swirls leads to a change in light, drawing the eye outward to beyond the boundaries of the paper."
See more work from the exhibition here.

14 January 2009

Paper Illustrations

Check out illustrator and graphic designer Yulia Brodskaya.

You can see the rest of her work here:

What do you think about using only curled paper as a medium?

12 January 2009

Art is not about talent.

Just found this article about talent:

"People I don't even know will often send me images of their work and ask for my opinion. I can remember doing pretty much the same thing many years ago. It's a very common thing to do. I think what it boils down to, at least it was for me when I presented my teacher with my latest effort in the hope of getting the great anointment, is that we are basically asking, "Do we have talent?" And often that means talent sufficient to be a professional artist, or at minimum, are we good enough to pursue this thing called painting, or are we just wasting our time?

It's the wrong question. In fact, I would say that if you are asking some master artist to confirm or deny your talent, you already are in a heap of trouble because it means you are not getting it. It's not about talent. Talent is a dirty word because it assumes that only a few are able when it is quite the reverse."

Click here to read the whole article.
Art is Not About Talent.

09 January 2009

What's this all for?

This blog will serve as a place to share specific information for students in the IB art class both in year one and year two. Assignments, due date reminders, news, artists of interest will all be found here. We'll also work out a way to share artwork to comment on.