12 January 2009

Art is not about talent.

Just found this article about talent:

"People I don't even know will often send me images of their work and ask for my opinion. I can remember doing pretty much the same thing many years ago. It's a very common thing to do. I think what it boils down to, at least it was for me when I presented my teacher with my latest effort in the hope of getting the great anointment, is that we are basically asking, "Do we have talent?" And often that means talent sufficient to be a professional artist, or at minimum, are we good enough to pursue this thing called painting, or are we just wasting our time?

It's the wrong question. In fact, I would say that if you are asking some master artist to confirm or deny your talent, you already are in a heap of trouble because it means you are not getting it. It's not about talent. Talent is a dirty word because it assumes that only a few are able when it is quite the reverse."

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Art is Not About Talent.

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