26 April 2009

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day

April 26th is Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day. If you are interested in photography this would be a cool thing to try.

For more information on pinhole photography, check out Photojojo.

This image is from They have instructions on making a camera from objects you may have at home.

Or you can try downloading this paper pattern from Corbis Readymech Cameras.

23 April 2009

Jerzy Goliszewski: Dimensional Work

This is a guest post from Monica:

Jerzy Goliszewski's wooden scupltures play with the idea of inorganic shapes creating an organic topography-like series. Though the individual pieces have sharp edges, the entirety of the sculpture undulates and appears to move as a wave or gently sloping hill.
These sculptures are dimensionally intense, focusing on form instead of color or variety. The strength of these pieces is their simplicity and sole focus on the element of form. See more work here and here.

22 April 2009

Concept Map for Developing Ideas

For a larger copy, click on the link. Idea Development
For an easy web application for concept maps go to

12 April 2009

Get your own font.

So you all know I kinda like fonts. So what is better than a font based on your handwriting? Its at Right now its free but they plan to start charging soon so try it out.

11 April 2009

Opportunity for an extra grade.

Students: If you are interested in being a "guest blogger" let me know. You will need to find an artist to feature that other students might be interested in. You will need a picture (title and artist to give credit), correct links to their work or website, and a one to two paragraph introduction. This is an optional assignment for those who a interested. It will be recorded as an extra grade.

Caroline Saul

Check out this work by Caroline Saul. She uses plastic milk bottles to create her sculptures. Read more about her work at Art MoCo and see more pictures at her website.

I know many of you like to work with recycled and found materials, usually by adding them to a larger work of art, but what do you think about using those recycled materials for the base for your work?

04 April 2009

Design Principles in Photography

Kicks - by blogger Hula Seventy

Notice the strong horizontal lines pulling you into the picture and drawing your eye towards the subject.

Plink Plink - by blogger Hula Seventy

Notice the repetition of the shapes of the guitars - works to unify the pic - while the colors add variety. Also important is humor.

Check out her blog for other pictures in this series. What are your opinions?

03 April 2009

El Anatsui

Crumbling Wall - El Anatsui

Check out West African artist El Anatsui. You can read about some of his work and for certain pieces you can listen to him talk about them.