04 April 2009

Design Principles in Photography

Kicks - by blogger Hula Seventy

Notice the strong horizontal lines pulling you into the picture and drawing your eye towards the subject.

Plink Plink - by blogger Hula Seventy

Notice the repetition of the shapes of the guitars - works to unify the pic - while the colors add variety. Also important is humor.

Check out her blog for other pictures in this series. What are your opinions?


Katie said...

That picture is my favorite. I love the bright colors; they all go together even though they clash. The brightness gives them unity, but their variations set them apart to contrast.

What really catches my eye (and this may seem strange) is the cloud in the upper left hand side. It is almost symmetrical; almost perfect.

It refects the orderly disorder of the bright world below.

Chandler said...

The foot on the wall picture is a little off for me because I like when light, as well as line is used to bring the eye in. While I understand that the photo is supposed to have a "vintage" look I think there could have been a little more focus on the subject.

However, I absolutely love the guitar picture. I like to look at photos that are taken with subjects that people see everyday. Like cars, crass, guitars, people, shoes, anything. Then, we get to experience something that we know is there, only in a whole new light. No two people see the same thing, and that is why the beauty of photography allows people the chance to share interesting subjects.

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