11 April 2009

Opportunity for an extra grade.

Students: If you are interested in being a "guest blogger" let me know. You will need to find an artist to feature that other students might be interested in. You will need a picture (title and artist to give credit), correct links to their work or website, and a one to two paragraph introduction. This is an optional assignment for those who a interested. It will be recorded as an extra grade.


Katie said...

When would the blog be due? I have a couple I would like to run by you.

m debello said...

Katie - I would like to do this throughout 4th quarter, for those interested. Talk to me in class about what you want to do.

roxy4589 said...

So I really want to be a guest blogger and I found this really cool artist his name is Mark Halsey and he is a modernist that paints women but its cool becauise its almost like they're see through, they're the subject of the piece but theres so much more to the composition. I found him in this website :