13 July 2013

Looking for artists to research?

Have you tried Pinterest?  It has now become my go to site for looking for artists and artwork, even more than Google.

If you are looking for artist ideas you could follow my "art" board or bookmark it for later.
M DeBello's Art Board

You can also follow my "for students" board, that's where I pin things that remind me of ways that some students work.
M DeBello's For Students Board

It was an amazing year reflected in awesome scores for IB Art!

This year we got our first 7 in IB Art!  I was happy but not completely surprised.  The IB art rubric rewards a student's hard work in developing a personally relevant portfolio of strong artwork supported by research and planning.  Along with that top score we also received two 6s and several 5s.  I am proud of all the students and scores like these really validate all their work.  I am so lucky to be teaching IB Art!