24 June 2013

If you are wondering about AP scores...

So I've heard that the portfolios have been arriving, if you remember I said that there would not be a score inside.  Scores come out at 5am July 8th.  Sign on to the following website:

AP Scores

You will need your username and password that you used to sign in and upload your artwork.  You will also need your AP number.  This is why I told you to write this information down somewhere safe.  I don't have your usernames anymore but I do have your AP numbers.  Teachers are not able to sign in until the 10th so you all will know before me.  Remember that no matter what your score is, if you worked to the best of your ability and gained knowledge and skill then it was a year well spent and I am proud of you!

Have a good rest of your summer.  I'll be planning out our junior year in IB Art.

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