23 October 2013

New IB Junior and Senior artwork

IB Juniors

We started the year with an activity I learned at an AP workshop one summer.  Students draw a line portrait of themselves.  Then artwork is then passed around, each student has one type of media that they can add to the picture.

Here are some of the results:

Our second assignment was to paint a mechanical object.
I brought in my camera collection.
I like film cameras.

Some students brought in their own objects. 

I own one of these too.



IB Seniors

The IB seniors are furiously working on their individual investigations.




VL said...

Hi! Do you have any tips for an IB Junior student who are HLing Art Studio? Should the workbook include what led to the studio work like photos from the internet and explanation of how that led to the big piece? Does it have to relate historically or can it be based on current events? Thank you!

m debello said...

Hi VL. I always tell my students that the IWB should include your planning; sketches, photo references, media experimentations, artist inspirations. It should also include progress pictures and ongoing reflection. It is important that you connect your work to the larger world while still keeping it personally relevant.