02 March 2010

Student artwork critique - Alexis

Alexis - Golden Ideal

I decided to focus on the idea of honor in the eastern civilizations, namely Southeast Asia. The red is used to symbolize luck, a concept from this region. The kanji says "justice and honor," which is emphasized with the picture of the samurai.

Leave your commets below.


Shirley said...

This art piece is simple put straight to the point. The Samurai looks very detailed and the effect it has on the artwork is great. The art piece is not packed with too much figures.

The red chosen for this artpiece also adds emphasis to the artpiece as a whole because it is a strong type of red.

Good Job, Alexis!

Dianna said...

I really like how instead of using multiple colors, Alexis focused on just using monochromatic colors for this piece. This monochromatism allows a particular utilization that multiple colors cannot quite achieve. It also goes well with her concept of honor and justice, as samurais do have an organized set of honor codes that they have to follow.

Though the composition itself is simple, the amount of details in the positive space gives that nice sense of asymmetrical balance.

Richelle said...

Like I said before, the detail in the samurai is amazing. Your craftsmanship is definitely impressive.

If you do more figures in the future, test out different poses. Creating a more dynamic pose will bring your art to the next level. Try interesting views, or a pose that implies more movement.

Paige said...

Containing to the comment above. I do agree; with a multiple poses you could create a better composition which would take this piece to a whole another level. Repition could add motion to the figure, while keeping the vibrant red color for visual effect.
I love the purpose you applied behind this piece. You didnt just put together a great idea but had true meaning drivng it. Incredible detail,it will be interesting to see what this work can transform into in the future.

Marcus said...

Though the previous two comments address poses, I feel that would only be useful to fill up a sketch-book. You've created a strong piece, as though simple, I feel a sense of solitary justice when looking at it.

What I like most is the lighting given on the Samurai. As Dianna mentioned the monochromatic values, I also feel that it was an excellent choice in that your tie in the theme of honor. Soldiers are taught to only think through duty, and monochromatic colors really emphasize that concept.

Elaine said...

I really like how neat and concise this piece looks. It seems to me like you knew exactly what you wanted to put down on your paper and you did exactly that. The contrast between the red and the black draws attention to the samurai and although this piece is not busy it works and gets accross your message.

Vicki said...

I really like your idea for your independent investigation. It really reflects you. This first piece looks great with the detail you put into the samurai. Your craftsmanship with the samuari really emphasizes the importance of the warrior. I definitely think you could use the kanji as type and text and as a background to your pieces. In this one, it stands out to me more than the samurai. You should play with sizes and repetition. I also like the use of monochromatic colors, but I feel that the red you picked could have been a little different. If you had gone a little lighter or with a different monochromatic color, the samurai would instantly pop out.

shimul said...

As mentioned before, the craftsmanship is superb. The piece is very clean and the subject is dynamic and strong against the red negative space. Though, I feel that the composition is a bit too simple. Enlarging the samurai to encompass the paper or incorporating the kanji in a more coherent way could improve how the piece looks as a whole.

Rosa said...

Stumbled across this site.
I disagree with the work. Japan is NOT part of South East Asia. Concept is shaky