02 March 2010

Student artwork critique - Jennifer

Jennifer - Patterns in Clothes

This is the first piece in my investigation on the patterns in life. Now that is it is complete I have come to the conclusion that it is lacking in many seperate elements. The craftsmanship is far below my usual standards and the actual meaning behind the piece is rather simple. It was supposed to represent the patterns in the clothes and the culture represented by them but that did not come through in the actual piece. The best part was the buttons and how they stood out from the rest of the piece and unified it.

Leave your comments below.


Monica-12th grade said...

I have to agree with you, the buttons were the best part of this piece. You have already pointed about the craftsmanship problems and I have to agree: stronger craftsmanship would make this a stronger piece. I feel another element that is almost there but not quite is repetition. More evident similarities between the patterns of the fabric, or a more closely tied color scheme would have helped to unify this piece. Over all, though, this is a good first piece and seems to be an idea that will lead to a good investigation. It has the potential to evolve and grow, perhaps even developing into actual fashion design?

Dianna said...

With this many colors, there ran the risk that the colors could have clashed or turned your piece into a complete cluttered mess but I think you did pretty well pulling them together.
Yes, there are hints of some craftsmanship problems here but if the strips of cloth were all perfectly straight and aligned, I think it would have been too uniform to portray that nature of 'culture' as cultures do coincide with one another and come in diverse forms.

Richelle said...

I agree with Monica in the fact that the fabric is too diverse in its color scheme. You picked cool fabrics, but they were each strong in their design and seemed to be competing for space on the page. A stronger focal point could have helped to make this a stronger piece. However, you shouldn't be afraid of taking risks. Keep experimenting with fabrics—it is a cool idea.

Paige said...

I like this piece for many reasons. The first, is the fact that I was sitting the seat over while this was comeing together. She put thought into where each button should go. Thought about composition and how everything should look.
Second, she wanted it to have a meaning and follow the investigation idea with the flow and design of life. The patterns reveal many things about life. I interprinted it as look past the first glance and you can see so much more. The design under the fabric was truly a smart idea.
Third, i like it because she used her surroundings in this piece. The fabric came from her mom and i find that to be really interesting. Not using what the art class room can supply.

Marcus said...

I agree with both Monica and Richelle's criticism with the color scheme. To me, it seems as if we were lost within the different fabrics and did not scrutinize on what would look good and what wouldn't.

What I would say about the buttons are that they are too repetitive. For a stronger piece, you might have wanted to spread them out and not have them in a straight line. This would allow your viewer's eyes to travel around the piece. Linking this to your theme, it could represent the individualistic nature the idea of clothing has on others.

logan said...

in the piece i think you were able to give the idea of clothes and culture having a pattern but it seems a little weak to me. this is because to me when looking at the strips of cloth i had to strain some to see what the fabric itself was. i think if the stripes were not so thin it would have been better.

one thing i think your piece is missing is a sense of time. what i mean is that to me it does not show some kind of gradual change that would occur in clothes and culture. think if you possibly organized the pieces of fabric in a way so that it would appear to have some kind of gradual change it would have represented your idea better.

Bryan said...

I really like your general idea of looking into patterns of life. There are many opportunities for growth in the investigation idea itself. Even though the colors of the fabrics could have been a problem as many have commented previously, I felt that it worked well with your investgation topic. We are looking at patterns of life, not patterns in colors that go well together, so it made sense to bring spontaneous and diversified colors because life itself can be interpreted in many different ways.