20 May 2011

What do you do after you submit your AP portfolios?

You try out a new media. Yesterday students in the AP art class got to experiment with encaustics, which is painting with hot wax. Some students used it along with collage while others used the colored wax to paint.

Here the students prep their boards with modeling paste, crackle medium, and paint.

The wax is brushed on and then can be manipulated with a heat gun or carved into with different tools.

As soon as we are done with this I'll post pictures of the finished work.

11 May 2011

SLR Camera Simulator

Did you ever wonder what effect all those settings on the camera have on your final picture?  Getting a good exposure is a combination of ISO, shutter speed,  and aperture (f stop).  All these things work together to let just the right amount of light in to take a great picture.

Here's an online simulator so you can see what effect changing these numbers has on the picture.

Camera Simulator