02 January 2011

Welcome Back!

Is everyone ready to come back to school?

This starts our busy time of the year.  Seniors are preparing for their exam, juniors will be beginning their independent investigations, AP students are getting serious about their concentration.

This is also the time of the year that we will be sending artwork to shows both in the county and at the school.

First week back:
Pre IB Art 1 - working on "City in Space"
Pre IB Art 2 - we will be beginning a new project this week
AP - you have a concentration piece due from before the break as well as the small one you did over break - you have the first day to get caught up and start your planning for the next piece
IB juniors - are finishing their trapped in the paper and working on the next self and society page
IB seniors - are working on their investigation, three pieces left

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