13 March 2011

Why are the arts important?

I read a good blog post on the link between creative thought and innovation in other subject areas.  We can easily observe creative activity taking place in the art room.

"in order to begin a new painting, an artist draws heavily upon well-developed skills of observation and reflection.  An artist must also have an overarching plan for how to proceed before a single mark is made, and yet most artists relish the moments of spontaneity that arise as they work"
But how does translate into skills used in other classes?

"Imagination and the skills of deep observation and reflection that are invaluable to an artist’s process are also integral to the essential stages of innovation.  Breaking with the status quo–in any situation, in any domain–requires balance between adhering to an overarching plan and an openness to spontaneity.  Providing something novel, which has value, is dependent upon creative thinking."
 The skills you develop in IB Art, planning, experimentation, reflection, are the skills you need in developing any good idea fro any subject matter or any class you may have in the future.

read the full article - Kira Campo, Innovation = Creative Expression

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