20 December 2011

Mixed Media

In Pre-IB Art 1 students learned to mix media while creating pictures of the bicycle.  The students had to make choices about color and composition while mixing tempera and soft pastel, combining drawing with repeated patterns.








Anonymous said...

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Sara said...

I've been scrolling through page by page....and all of the samples on here are beautiful works of art. I am impressed! I'm sure you are very proud! Would you mind sharing where you get all of these lessons from? I am a first-year high school art teacher desperately looking for exciting new lessons. :)

m debello said...

Hi Sara, thank you for your comment. Some of the lessons I use have been developed after trainings we have had in our county, like the one from this post. Others I have been doing so long that I have forgotten where the inspiration originally came from. I try to change things up a bit each year, it would be boring to do the same thing over an over. Lately a lot of inspiration has come from pinterest, can't say I've used anything yet but the ideas get filed away for future work. I try to rework my curriculum each year to ensure that I give students the opportunity to be successful while still giving then challenging assignments in between. Good luck in your first year, it may be stressful at times but it does get easier.

chris said...

Just love the mixed media bikes. I saw this art lesson on Pinterest. Did you use chalk pastels for the bike part of the artwork? Did the students first draw in pencil? Thanks in advance for any guidance you can give me. I am thinking of this lesson for my 8th graders.

m debello said...

I had the students draw in pencil first then go over the lines in sharpie so it would show through the tempera paint. I've got a large collection of stencils and stamps so each student can have a very individual piece. We finish with pastels to bring the bike back out. I learned this at a workshop where we just drew simple objects. I also do this with my AP students using bottles, it works well for that sense of transparency. Good luck with it, I wish I knew about this back when I taught middle school, they would have loved it.