31 March 2011


Check out the collage work by artist Ashley Barron.  I love the variation in color and shapes in her work.  In an interview she talks about how she collects all sorts of papers and paints them with colors and textures to add something personal to her work.


So you think you can't draw?  That doesn't mean you can't produce high quality 2D design work.  A focus on shape, composition, the balance between variety and unity, and high level craftsmanship is important.

via Notpaper

29 March 2011

This year's freshman self-portraits.

Each year in Art 1 we do self-portraits.  Its always interesting to see what the students do with the assignment.  The students were allowed to work from a photograph and could choose the media they wanted to work in.







Charcoal was a popular choice this year.

25 March 2011

Ring Weaving

Pre IB Art 1 is working on ring weavings.  Don't forget to look for objects you want to include in yours, buttons, beads, fabric, feathers, specific yarn colors.  To view the presentation, click on the play button then use your forward and backward arrows on the keyboard to move through it.

14 March 2011

Central Park Art Festival

Remember this next weekend is the Central Park Art Festival.  It's the 19th and 20th in Winter Haven across from the library.  I've gone every year I've been here in Polk county.  You'll see lots of artists from across Florida and have the opportunity to talk to them.  You'll find that most of the artists like to talk with students.  It's always a good thing to see all the different type of work being done and seeing it in person is so much better than on the internet.

13 March 2011

Why are the arts important?

I read a good blog post on the link between creative thought and innovation in other subject areas.  We can easily observe creative activity taking place in the art room.

"in order to begin a new painting, an artist draws heavily upon well-developed skills of observation and reflection.  An artist must also have an overarching plan for how to proceed before a single mark is made, and yet most artists relish the moments of spontaneity that arise as they work"
But how does translate into skills used in other classes?

"Imagination and the skills of deep observation and reflection that are invaluable to an artist’s process are also integral to the essential stages of innovation.  Breaking with the status quo–in any situation, in any domain–requires balance between adhering to an overarching plan and an openness to spontaneity.  Providing something novel, which has value, is dependent upon creative thinking."
 The skills you develop in IB Art, planning, experimentation, reflection, are the skills you need in developing any good idea fro any subject matter or any class you may have in the future.

read the full article - Kira Campo, Innovation = Creative Expression

10 March 2011

Overlooked details.

What things in our everyday environment do you overlook that could become art if framed correctly?  There is no limit to the amount of inspiration you can find in the art room.  These were taken earlier today.

03 March 2011

Haines City Street Painting Festival

This Saturday is the Haines City Street Painting Festival in downtown Haines City at Railroad Park.  This is a pic from last year's festival.  This year we have twelve students participating from my classes.  NAHS is also going to do face painting and participate in the art show.

If you come to support the students who are participating make sure to take a picture of yourself with your phone next to the square you like best.  Show that to me next week to get extra credit points.

Recent Art Shows

Congratulations to IB Junior Bryan who won third place for his piece at the Young Artist's Show at the Ridge Gallery.

The Creative Youth Show is this Saturday at the Polk Museum of Art.  Congratulations to AP students Shirley and Jennifer who had pieces accepted into this competitive show.