11 May 2012

Guest Post: Andrea

The following is a guest post by Andrea sharing why she has chosen the college she will be going to next year.

After four challenging, yet rewarding years of high school, I refuse to treat college as just another building, a simple change of setting. For college to be a truly transformative experience, it must create the foundations from which I carve my dreams. I cannot say that ‘art’ was my first word. (It was ‘uh-oh.’) However, when paper and pencil are more appealing to a child than a stack of blocks or a bag of candy, I think that is called a sign.
Regretfully, I cannot recall how I felt the first time a stroke of lead caressed the thin surface of a page. But now, drawing is far more than a simple hobby. It is my center of personal expression, my source of empowerment, and my cherished haven of rest. This sensation may seem incomprehensible, but this is a passion Ringing College of Art and Design both understands and seeks to nurture. The aspect which distinguishes Ringling from all other is its resources.

As the #1 Most Wired Campus, I can look up information on artists and art movements at any time. With a vast array of digital computer programs and professional media, I will always be equipped to create. Lastly, the frequent recruiter visits from major animation studios will inform me of the essential responsibilities and skills involved in the production process.

Despite all of these resources, countless people have dismissed art as an illegitimate career. They scoffed at my dream, calling it childish and unrealistic. However, Ringling’s very existence validates my dream. So for every sketchbook that burst from all my lovingly hand drawn images, for every pencil sharpener whose blade went dull, for every pile of shavings that was formerly an eraser, for every festering blister that pulsed beneath the fierce grip of my pencil, for every paint stained shirt and lead covered desk, I choose to attend Ringling and make all those long hours of drawing worthwhile.

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