26 February 2016

Digital Artwork in the IB and AP Art classes

We have had greater access to the laptop cart this year, allowing the students to explore digital art media more.

This piece by IB senior Lee was created completely using computer software.  He uses a drawing tablet to create a sketch layer that he then works on top of to create a finished piece.

IB senior Jason has been working with digital media since last year.  He typically works first on his iPad with a stylus then exports that to Photoshop or Illustrator for additional editing.

This is the first completely digital artwork created by another IB senior, Samantha.  It is a logical extension of the work she was creating where she used a printed photograph then worked in traditional media around it.  In the following piece, Sam started with a photograph but then traced and colored it in the computer before adding in the background.

IB senior, Patricia, has also investigated many artists working with digital media, which have inspired the artwork she creates.

For a class assignment the Pre IB sophomores and AP Art students created digital collages using scanned objects.  This lesson taught them how to use a flatbed scanner, how to create new files in photoshop, working with layers, blending options, selecting and moving objects, as well as saving files for print output.




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