26 February 2016

Printmaking and Radial Design

This lesson idea came from a former printmaking teacher and I now understand why he did this every year, the results are great.  The Pre IB Art 1 students learned some basic printmaking processes while creating these radial designs.  These artworks were created in three layers, requiring students to plan out complex compositions.  Craftsmanship was key in creating these artworks, starting with measuring the out the angles so that the pie shapes would fit perfectly.  Students also had to be extra careful that their foam plates printed clearly and ink only ended up where they wanted it.






sanosal said...

I teach at an IB school in NC. I was wondering if you would be willing to share this lesson with me? I do a similar radial name design lesson using color pencil, and would be interested in giving this printmaking version a try. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Mrs. Lyn Paolino said...

I would also love any more information on this lesson. Materials, steps, etc. Thanks!