27 October 2011

Guest Post: April

Clifford Still- Abstract Expressionist
 Clifford Still was one of the first artists to embrace Abstract Expressionism, but he is not one of the most famous. He paints large canvases with thick textured paint. This piece in particular (1957-D No.1) may show a struggle between modern industrious life and the natural world with regard to humans or the struggle between life and death. I think this work shows how Still uses vast areas of color to represent the monotonous life of an industry worker, but breaks up the monotony with bright flames of color.
 This piece is entitled 1947-J. This style of Abstract Expressionism is reffered to "gesture". Still was not as concerned with creating an asthetically pleasing piece as he was with the actual creation of the piece. This creates an entergetic work which helps the viewer to connect on a more personal level.

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