21 October 2011

Guest Post: Haley

Keith Harring

Keith Haring was a New York City street artist throughout the 1980’s and ’90s who served to legitimize and popularize graffiti and street art. Originally creating his works on subway walls, his pieces are composed of bold lines and colors to attract attention and convey a sense of movement The vivid images resemble hieroglyphics, and express feelings of unity and vitality in society. The lack of detail, especially in his earlier pieces, can also be attributed to the fact that graffiti was not as accepted in society as it is now, and Haring would try and create his pieces quickly in order to avoid getting in trouble with the law.

Later in his career, Haring’s work veered towards more socio-political themes, particularly towards AIDS awareness and the crack/cocaine epidemic of the time period. This piece is displayed in a children’s playground, and continues to convey unity in society through rhythm and bold lines. Haring himself died in 1990 of AIDS, and his legacy and causes are carried on through his foundation, which serves to help underprivileged children and provide research about HIV and AIDS.


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