21 October 2011

Guest Post: Veronica

Artist: Shinichi Maruyama

Shinichi Maruyama, born in Nagano, Japan, pursues the art of “Kusho”, or shooting ink and water into the air, and capturing the images with a high-speed camera. Focusing in on small areas of each photograph, he creates images full of motion and contrast. In this piece, Maruyama captures a circular images of the ink and water rushing into and looping around each other. Texture is created by the microscopic water and ink droplets mixing; this also creates a range of values, the clear water being the lightest and the pure ink being the darkest. The swirling technique bring the eye around the page, and creates the sense of constant motion.

In this second piece, Maruyama captures the ink and water at their time of collision. The smooth, calm streams contrast with their chaotic meeting-point, drawing focus to that area. He utilizes an asymmetrical balance, the left side being much heavier with the thick ink stream. Water and ink ripples again provide texture, and give the image a 3D-feel.

This technique is significant to the world of art; it exposes artistic beauty that cannot be seem by the naked eye.

Marayuma’s website can be accessed here, as well as a video of his technique:

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