06 October 2011

Guest Post: Maggie

Jackson Pollock
Number 3
In this piece, Jackson Pollock used the paint-drip method to express a sense of chaos in his many pieces. He would put the canvas on the floor and used a new medium at the time, alkyd enamel; to “drip” the paint, he used stick, hard paint brushes, and sometimes syringes. The lack of focal point allows the eye to be carried across the page and not focus on one specific point; the colors and the lines would carry the eye. Jackson Pollock created a new method of painting, later known as action painting, where the movement of the media and the type of media was important, rather than the “intricate detail.” He also contributed greatly to the abstract expressionist movement in the 20th century. 

Number 7

Jackson Pollock utilizes an asymmetrical balance with intricate detail which causes the painting to appear “heavier” on the right side. On the other hand, the left side is composed of enamel lines and splatters which contrast the chaos on the left side; it creates a dynamic composition.


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