02 June 2011

The Fading Pharaoh

This piece, which represents a change from my original idea, demonstrates my new goal to show Egypt's shift from an ancient land of pyramids and mummies to a modern nation strving toward democracy. In this piece, the image of the pharaoh is in black and white to achieve more value, provide contrast with the bold marker, and to portray how the old ideas of religion are fading away and giving rise to Christianity and Islam. The figures incorporate contour lines with many gestures poses to portray the "confusion" mentioned on the cartouche and ankh symbols. Instead of portraying an outright belligerent scene between the two relgious groups, I chose the random motion of the figures to give a sense of the tension between the two groups.


Eddie said...

I absolutely love your use of media. You are very talented and I think my favorite thing in this piece would be the background.

Maggie said...

I like how reasoning and underlying meaning behind this piece. I can tell there was thought put into not only the actual composition of the piece (the color and the symmetry) , but more the meaning behind the the composition (choices of color). Excellent piece!

Leah said...

I love the detail that is present in your work. It adds a lot of complexity, making it multi-layered both in a visual and in a mental sense. Your composition also works very well to convey the concept behind the piece.

Anonymous said...

I Love your media!!! You have very good drawing skills! I realy like the way you drew the person and I like the Egypt Theme!!!! :D

-Bre M