06 June 2011

Investigation Piece from Khera

This piece is the first produced for the investigation of Latin and American Cultures. The investigation focuses on the combination of the two cultures, searching for a way to show that the two cultures have blended and combined aspects into one unique culture that is neither specifically Latin or American. Rather than show a broad dipiction of the two cultural aspects, the investigation will take an aspect of culture, such as food, marriage, family, etc. and design an idea for one piece. The piece shown above took the aspect 'public display of culture', taking a Latin aspect and meshing it with an American aspect. Here a Mariachi Group, a Latin aspect, is shown in an American style setting, a shopping mall. Shopping malls are an important part of American culture, as the American people frequent them for every day needs, social meetings, etc. The message portrayed is that shopping malls have evolved past being specifcally American and show that culture can be all incorporating. A shopping mall can combine the American ideas of social setting, meeting, and needs, with Latin culture into a universal location that can be enjoyed by all cultures, even beyond just Latin and American. This piece focuses on details that emphasize and juxtapose the Latin aspect with the American, in an effort to distinguish between the two cultures, but simultaneously show the combination.

1 comment:

Leah said...

I think the use of perspective in this piece is very well done. The lines used in the floor and the walls give it a definite dimension. I also like how detailed the floor tiles are; they seem to reflect the culture very well.