02 June 2011

Lung for Protection by Molly

             Originally, this piece was designed for my previous investigation on Illness and Disease as anorexia. While working on this piece, I coimpared it to my other pieces and realized that it was much stronger, which caused me to change my investigation to anatomy. I feel more confident in this investigation, especially becuase I'm intrigued by the human body and wish to major in the medical field. I enjoy working in paint and watercolor, and I feel that those will be strong medias in this investigation. This piece is significant because it sparked a new invetigation topic in my Junior and Senior year in IB. I titled this piece "Lung for Protection" because the ribs, as painted in this piece, protect the lungs in the human body. In a way, the title is a play on words. This piece has sparked my imagination and expanded many of my artistic ideas for future investigation pieces.


April said...

This is one of my favorite pieces because of how clean cut it is. I think you will be able to do a lot with anatomy and if you work with more layers and backgrounds your pieces will start to come together more in a way that will draw your eye across/around the work. Anyhoo, it looks very nice.

Anonymous said...

I chose this piece to comment on because I know the real deal to this. I know the origional idea to this piece and I got to see how it evolved to how it is now. It started off with diease and the piece was supposed to be bullimia. But then in the middle of the piece she decided to change her investigation topic to anatonmy. This piece started her new topic and goes with it very well. The media she used worked out. The outline of the ink put the final touch that brought the piece together.