02 June 2011


The reasaon why I chose this particular piece was because this is the start of my new investigation topic, illumination. I like this piece the best because of the media I used. Scatch board is the media I feel most comfortable using because of the ability to get the fine detail that I need. New medias I have begun to incorperate are ink and marbling. This is the first time I'm using marbling and it worked very well for this piece. It took me a while to get the correct placement of it without it taking away from the word and not flowing with the over all look. I think the more I experiment with new medias like this I will find the one I want to use for the rest of my investegation.

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Angie said...

I like the way Amanda incorporated a these two medias, because they are so contrasting, the harshness of the scratch board and the soft marbled paper, I find it hard to mix scratch board with other medias. I have not seen many if any art pieces with marbled media, making this piece original.