06 June 2011

Trip-Drill - Eddie

This piece is named after Nelly's song, "Trip-Drill". The reason I decided to call this piece that is due to the fact that I displayed the true nature of the lyrics graphically. For this peice I used a combination of ink and marker. I chose the color red to symbolize the feeling of anger and frustration, which is contrasted by the anguish of the woman. I had the womans arms removed to exagerate the idea that woman can do nothing about this, seeing that this degradation is coming from men, and somewhat supported by men. I used the hands as societies growing norm for this degredation, and the reason that they get more geometric at the bottom is due to the growing norm of this in society. It also shows a more mechanical feeling, I believe, which can translate to the lack of sympathy for the women in society.


Khera said...

I really enjoy the thought process behind this piece, as well as the piece itself. You have contrast, contour lines, geometric inclusion. The way the piece connects itself to its ideas is really unique. This also represents your style of drawing. It's very particular and easy to spot. But it's worked for you, because you've had solid ideas mostly. I really enjoy the idea behind this piece and how you chose to present that idea.


Eddie said...

I mispelled "piece"...