02 June 2011

The Modern Narcissus

My investigation deals with the timelessness of the human flaws portrayed in ancient mythology. This particular piece draws from the myth of Narcissus, who was in love with his own reflection. It is a commentary on obsession with beauty and the fear of aging.  A wizened hand on the shoulder of the main figure shows her growing paranoia, as well as the wrinkles and dark circles around her own eyes. This artwork also drew influence from recent studies that were done in our English class; in particular, it relates to the poem Mirror by Sylvia Plath.
I found some success in this piece through the use of watercolor, which I have found to be one of my stronger mediums that I employ in my work. The figure reflected in this mirror show greater depth than I have been able to achieve in my work previously and this use of media draws attention to it as the focal point. It shows a progression in the ideas used for my investigation and my precision with media, which is important to me as an artist. These two reasons make this piece an important one in terms of the development of my work.


Chris said...

Leah I love the texture you on the sides. It really frames the picture. Great job!

Eddie said...

I love the symbolism in this piece, and I really do admire your skill with the chosen media.

Khera said...

I lost the bet, because you didn't cut the piece. But regardless, I still enjoy this work! I have watched your investigation take some interesting turns, and it continues to become more complex with every piece. Yet it somehow manages to portray your message very simply. You don't need much explanation for your viewers to get understand the message, so it's good that you can achieve that portrayal of idea(s). You work very well with watercolours and I will encourage you to continue usage with them. I can't wait for the next manifestation of your investigation!