06 June 2011

Wind - Austin

This piece shows a slight change in my investigation, shifting from a natural theme coupled with creative fantasy to a nature with Japanese calligraphy theme. The choice to add symbols was one made in order to incorporate a jagged, stand-out, linear shape with the natural free flow of nature.
In this piece, I captured the gentle and soft form of wind, showing it twist and curl, the metal wire helping to emphasize such. The Japanese symbol for wind was a center point of this piece, and looked as if it was emanating the wind. This piece truly changed my investigation to its new direction.


Chris said...

Very Nice!

Anonymous said...

The use of simplicity works very well for this piece and the repetition of the spiral shapes adds to the sense of implied motion. The strict polyon form of the paper contrasts with the curves present in the rest of the piece.


Nathan said...

I don't know why but this artwork seems so peaceful and tranquil. I'm a big fan of Japanese so that's a big plus ha ha. The colors and the choice of placement is perfect.

~Nathan Justice