06 June 2011

Life in Darkness

Life in Darkness is my favorite piece up until now.  I like it because it really shows what you can do with digital media.  Digital media turns out better then real media for me because there is an undo button ;).  This piece really inspired me to continue my investigation using digital media.  My investigation is the juxtaposition of life and death, or destruction.  I am not sure which one I will continue to focus on later but more work will help me decide this.  My next piece should be a dead flower.  This will definitely show the juxtaposition between life and death. 
Unfortunately, this picture also inspired me to buy a new camera.  It will help me take better pictures but I still need to learn how to use it better.  We will see where all this leads me, but I think it will really nice.


kendal said...

i'm really impressed with where your investigation is headed. i'm glad you started to do digital media; i think you found your niche. as your investigation continues, i will be excited to see your up-coming works. i think you're going in a very successful direction.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy looking at this piece because I used to be a photography major in middle school. One thing we learned was composition and to get up close to the subject we're photographing and use macro if it is a tiny subject. If you'd like I could show you some cool techniques using shutter speed, my classmates an I produced some interesting pieces the Polk museum of art liked very much! Also using a black and white image based on the work of Ansel Adams might just be something you'd like as well with his true black and true white images giving depictios of natural landscapes. Keep up the great work! I'm excited to see where your investigation goes!


Khera said...

I agree that you've found a niche. Digital media suits you and you already seem so into technology, so I think it all works out for the best. Not that you cannot draw or paint, but you take pictures very well. I am impressed at how you have settled into IB Art so well. Some would take this course because they think it would be easy, but you've come in with a serious attitude and done really well. So keep up this great creativity! You can also talk in a very art-educated manner about your work. You have an eye for recognizing good/bad, quality, where you can improve. And you're not afraid to ask questions! That's always helpful!

Anonymous said...

oooo me gusta este obra. Este foto es muy hermosa y bonita. Tambien, me gusta su uso de los medios para mejorar las colores y yuxtaposicion de las colores y la tema de tu obra. Muy bien mami.

Anonymous said...

^ lols April